Profile of Trustees of DiSAI

Founder Chairman & Managing Trustee

Shri V. Rajendran is the Founder Chairman of the Trust. He is a former Public Sector Banker who has authored two prominent books on banking in India, viz “Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management in banks” and “IT Security in banks”, both published by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. He is a practicing cyber law advocate and a consultant on cyber laws, information technology in banks and a trainer and invited speaker in forums like the TN Police Academy, RBI Staff College, ICAI Institute, FICCI, CII, Madras University, Pondicherry University and many other academic and training institutions. He was on the Board of Studies of many academic institutions on subjects like Information Security and Cyber Laws.

Dr.R. Jagannathan is a well-known academician and educationist. He was the Vice Chancellor of Middle East University (UAE) and American Medical University (West Indies). He is the President of the Sethu Bhaskara Group of Educational Institutions. He is a visiting Professor to many International Universities. He was the President of DiSAI for the period until June 2021.

Vice President

Shri U.P. Prakasham is a fonder-member and Past President of Cyber society of India, Past Chairman of AIMA and is a passionate computer science and information security professional. Was one of the earliest graduates of College of Engineering Guindy having completed his degree in 1966 and pursued his PG studies in the US, developed patentable devises on electronic voting, applications in security and communications like e-Drop Box, e-Accounting etc. A professional director, on the board of finance and other corporate.


Shri Ramesh Sethuraman works as a Senior Regional Director in a leading global IT services company. He has got over 18 years of experience in the areas of IT and business process. Ramesh has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and helped them in business and IT transformation. As an Innovator and a pioneer, he developed several solutions including robotics for consumer services industry, augmented reality / Virtual reality solutions. He is also a public speaker and author for leading global analysts group.


Smt Rashmi Shanker is an expert in the area of social networking site and blogging and is a content writer with rich experience in blogging and documentation. She was the first Treasurer of DiSAI. Shri Ramesh Bhashyam is an IT professional and information security consultant, coming with a rich experience of around three decades in the various areas of IT including software development, testing, integration and overall management, with around 7 years in the US. He is now the Treasurer.

Other Trustees

Shri M.J Logesh Babu is the Joint Secretary. He is a cyber law advocate by profession and the Zonal Head of Asian School of Cyber Laws. He is a trainer and a techno-legal expert having handled training sessions in critical academic institutions like the Police Academy and other organisations.

Shri K Srinivasan is a former banker, mentor and trainer in communication related areas and is the founder of Prime Point Foundation which has instituted Sansad Ratna awards. He is the Publisher and Mg. Editor of eMagazine PreSense. He is the Convenor of Educational Loan Task Force (ELTF) and Chairman of Digital Journalists Association of India (DiJAI). He was a trustee till June 2021.

Shri Dr.B. Muthukumaran is an information security professional with around 15 years experience in the industry and another 15 years experience in the academic area of information security. He has many publications to his credit in areas mainly information security, cyber crimes, technology based security, network security etc. He is the in charge of the training division of a major multinational company taking care of designing courses on information security, digital forensics, cyber laws etc.

Smt R. Pratyusha is an engineering graduate from a reputed University and with around 6 years of industry experience in the area of information security having represented the company in many international conferences and seminars. She is a CISA by qualification and as a member of the ISACA, is passionate in the area of information security and audit.

Shri C. Badri former General Manager Canara Bank, former General Manager and Chief Vigilance Officer, Indian Overseas Bank.

Shri Dr.Gopikrishna Santhanam CEO, Ascentya Research & Development Solutions P Ltd. Chennai.

Smt S. Panchi CEO, YesPanchi Techservices P Ltd, Chennai.

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