About us

DiSAI was founded on 17 November 2017, registered as a Public charitable Trust in the Sub Registrar, Chennai South – T Nagar, and has been functioning successfully discharging its duties in its avowed mission of creating awareness among the public in the area of IT Laws, cyber crimes, digital security, data privacy, cyber crimes, and the general security concerns in the cyber space.

In fulfillment of its objectives, DiSAI has been organising various events in the form of workshops, seminars and lecture sessions in these subjects inviting the most knowledgeable speakers in these areas to share their experiences. In most of the events eminent and learned sitting judges of High Courts have been the Chief Guests with top IAS and IPS officers serving in the areas of IT Laws, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital Evidences, Digital Security etc. Besides government officials, CEOs of leading corporate firms and organisations too have addressed our events on these subjects.

Presently, the world is talking about issues like Computer Security, Network Security, Internet Security etc expressing concerns about one’s data in the internet and cyber space. With technology penetration in all walks of life impacting human life globally, safety and security of data in storage as well as in transit or communication and its associated legal issues, assumes very great significance. DiSAI will embark on a new journey in this direction focussing in this niche area of digital security, involving all the stake holders in this domain. Our mission is mainly to strive towards a digitally literate society, educating the netizen making him/her aware of the intricacies and vulnerabilities of what he/she is browsing in the Internet, what is shown in the cyber space and how to protect oneself in the networked world.

It is with this avowed mission that DiSAI was founded in December 2017, with socially committed and dedicated security professionals, IT experts and, serving and retired legal and security consultants coming together to spend their time, talent and treasure to give back to the society, what they learnt, over decades of experience in the areas like IT Security, Information Systems Management, E-Commerce and Cyber Laws.

DiSAI was launched with an inaugural workshop in IIT Madras in December 2017, as part of an all-India Cryptography Conference, followed by many workshops and seminars in which not just IT professionals but even tech-savvy IT users, students, Chartered Accountants, lawyers, police officials participated as speakers, participants and panellists in the discussions. DiSAI has also opened student chapters in colleges and Universities with a mission to motivate the students in the area of IT Security making them aware of the technicalities and legal issues and general protection mechanism in the Internet.

DiSAI Wishes Safe and Happy Browsing!